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Comprehensive Preconstruction Services from NOW Specialties

At NOW Specialties, our preconstruction services are designed to lay the foundation for your project’s success. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to ensure planning, budgeting and preparation for construction.

Our results extends to the earliest phases of your project, providing you with a solid foundation for success. Trust NOW Specialties for preconstruction services that set the stage for the smooth execution of your vision.


Our Preconstruction Services Are Performed In-House!

Our services go far beyond writing proposals and filling out scope checklists. Think of these talented men and women as your design development consultants. Even better: they’re all dedicated members of our great team. We are proud to say that all preconstruction services are self-performed in-house–and always have been.

Our Preconstruction Services

Unlock the potential of your project with NOW Specialties’ comprehensive preconstruction services. Our expertise includes:


Navigate your project’s financial landscape with confidence. NOW Specialties provides detailed budgeting services, offering a clear understanding of the financial scope and requirements.


Maximize your project’s potential by leveraging our bidding services. Our team facilitates competitive bidding processes, so that you always receive optimal value from qualified contractors.

Lab Test Interpretation

Navigate the complexities of lab tests with ease. NOW Specialties assists in interpreting lab results, providing insights crucial for informed decision-making during pre-construction phases.

Specification, Detailing, & Design Assistance

Rely on our expertise for specification, detailing and design assistance. NOW Specialties ensures your project meets the highest standards, optimizing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Value Engineering

Enhance project efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our value engineering services. NOW Specialties identifies opportunities for optimization without compromising quality, delivering value at every stage.

Code Review

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements. NOW Specialties conducts thorough code reviews for all products, guaranteeing your project aligns with industry standards and regulations.

Preconstruction FAQs

Preconstruction services are crucial for project success as they provide a detailed roadmap, including budgeting, bidding and design assistance, ensuring a well-planned and cost-effective foundation.

NOW Specialties takes a detailed approach to budgeting, analyzing project requirements and providing detailed cost estimates to help you plan and allocate resources effectively.

Lab test interpretation is vital for understanding material properties. NOW Specialties assists in interpreting lab results, ensuring that materials meet the required standards for durability and performance.

Value engineering by NOW Specialties optimizes project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We identify opportunities for improvement without compromising quality, adding value to your project.

NOW Specialties conducts thorough code reviews for all products, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our dedicated approach guarantees your project meets or exceeds all necessary codes and requirements.

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