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New Orleans, Louisiana

Reliable Commercial Wall Systems Company in New Orleans, Louisiana

Step into the realm of reliability in commercial construction as we proudly present NOW Specialties, the epitome of a trustworthy commercial wall systems company in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Embrace a partnership where every project is executed with exactness, contributing to the distinctive skyline of New Orleans. With our experience and dedication, NOW Specialties emerges as the unrivaled leader in commercial wall systems in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our Services in New Orleans, Louisiana


Begin your path to construction excellence with NOW Specialties’ preconstruction services, customized for the specific needs of New Orleans, Louisiana. From thorough budgeting to detailed specifications, our expertise ensures a personalized and strategic approach for every project in the New Orleans area, Partner with NOW Specialties for a journey from conception to execution.

Contract Services

Aligned with the distinct construction requirements of New Orleans, our comprehensive contract services at NOW Specialties cover submittals, shop drawings, engineering, scheduling and field measurements. Our steadfast commitment is to offer solutions integrated with New Orleans’ architectural nuances, contributing to the dynamic evolution of the city’s skyline.


NOW Specialties takes pride in fabricating top-tier materials, such as high-pressure laminates and aluminum sheets, meticulously enhancing and aligning with New Orleans’ architectural vision. Our fabrication services are finely tuned to contribute to the dynamic aesthetic of the city, reflecting our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.


Count on NOW Specialties for the flawless installation of various materials in New Orleans, spanning from commercial wall systems to metal composite material (MCM), stainless mesh, terracotta tiles and bespoke projects. Each installation adds to the rich architectural identity of New Orleans, solidifying our position as the premier experts in commercial wall systems for the city.


Our Top-Quality Commercial Projects

Showcasing an impressive operational history, NOW Specialties proudly presents recent and upcoming projects, including the $2 million Arena Tower in Austin, the $2 million Star Phase V in Frisco and the $1.3 million Raytheon in McKinney.

Renowned for our expertise across diverse construction endeavors, we specialize in crafting office towers, museums, hospitals and warehouses. Whether immersed in interior or exterior projects, covering rain-screen installations, barrier implementation and trim enhancements, NOW Specialties guides each initiative in New Orleans with innovation. Our unwavering commitment guarantees consistent excellence across all facets of our work, solidifying our position as industry leaders in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost estimation involves analyzing project requirements, material costs, labor expenses and potential risks. Our NOW Specialties team uses this information to provide accurate budget projections, helping our clients make informed decisions before the construction phase begins.

At NOW Specialties, we offer many eco-friendly options and energy-efficient designs. This may include the use of recycled materials, advanced glazing technologies and other sustainable practices to align with environmental considerations.

Our team at NOW Specialties can provide guidance on maintenance requirements, such as periodic inspections and cleaning. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and optimal performance of the installed commercial wall systems.

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