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Risk Management

Our Proactive Approach to Safety and Risk Management

With 27 years in the industry, we’ve gained deep insights into our pivotal role in your project’s success. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond a low EMR. Your risk management is enhanced by our robust financial strength and steadfast initiatives in safety and quality control.


Our safety team is full-time, dedicated and answers directly to NOW ownership. Whenever possible we fill safety positions from within, in order to provide our crews with the most experienced and knowledgeable candidate possible.

Our onsite reps receive, at a minimum, OSHA 30 training, as well as CPR, first aid and automatic external defibrillator (AED) instruction. At least one of our onsite reps has completed his OSHA 510 as well.

All new employees, whether field, shop or office and regardless of assignment, must appear for an eight-hour new hire orientation. This training covers fire safety (including use of fire extinguishers), machine guarding, forklift safety, proper housekeeping, use and inspection of PPE, preventing accidents, as well as proper lifting techniques. Employees must also register for our online harassment prevention training at the time of the new hire orientation and complete the program before appearing for work.

Specialized training and certifications (for example OSHA 10 or boom lift certification) are secured as needed through accredited third-parties. All licenses, certification cards and renewal dates are trackable through our existing payroll software.

The safety representative will inspect swing stage weights and connections, inspect lifeline connections and integrity, inspect scaffolding setup and components, give weekly toolbox talks, inspect and distribute PPE, write safety plans and job hazard analyses and advise our crews on best practices. They will visually inspect fire extinguishers for accidental discharge as well as usability and ensure that the devices are kept with 20 feet of hot work.

In the event of an accident or incident, our onsite reps are prepared to administer first aid, transport the victim or arrange for the victim to be transported to a clinic or emergency room, investigate the accident, take witness statements, take photographs, preserve evidence and file reports to NOW ownership and to the general contractor.

The safety team has work-stoppage authority for wind, lightning, PPE and fall protection issues. Because almost one hundred percent of our work is over six feet above grade, fall protection is a zero tolerance matter for us. Note that our safety representatives visit every field mobilization at least once a week.

Shop and office inspections are conducted by our Safety Director or the Dallas Safety Manager, who are OSHA 500 certified. Shop training and inspections are similar to field inspections, but include hearing conservation measures such as protection, testing and education. Our Director and Dallas Manager inspect first aid kits, AED and fire extinguishers and provide additional training for tornado safety, evacuation plans and for the use of hazardous materials.

All employees:

  • Pre-employment drug screen
  • Eight-hour new hire orientation
  • Harassment prevention training
  • Zero tolerance for fall protection

Safety reps and competent persons:

  • OSHA 30
  • CPR
  • First aid
  • AED

As needed, updated every three years:

  • Boom lift training
  • Scissor lift training
  • Swing stage training

Safety executives:

  • OSHA 500

Fire extinguishers:

  • Within 20 feet from hot work
  • Within 75 feet from any unobstructed exit
  • Annual recharge/replace
  • Weekly visual inspections for recharging/accidental discharge

Quality Control

Like our safety personnel, our quality control personnel are full-time and dedicated and hired from within when possible.

Because a rainscreen installation requires a properly-designed and executed wall assembly, our reps receive classroom instruction from the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA), to ensure that their field inspections include a full review of the wall’s air barriers, even those installed by others.

A typical quality control inspection might address: shop drawing updates, plumbness of wall and material, freight damage, proper material storage, proper fabrication and material stacking, sealant expiration dates, issues pertaining to ambient temperature or humidity, screw placement and type, subframing, proper cladding installation and joint size, specification tolerances, proper flashing and sealant installation, water or air intrusion, manufacturing issues, aesthetic appeal, material compatibility issues, cleanliness of work area, the general structural integrity of individual components and of the installation as a whole.

Quality control personnel also supervise field water tests, facilitate punch list work and file reports to NOW management and ownership.

Financial Strength

At NOW Specialties, keeping rock-solid balance sheets, income statements, as well as insurance and banking relationships is a service to our employees, our vendors and to you.

In business since

Longest banking relationship
26 years

Surety limits
$15 million/$30 million

Surety losses ($160 million in payment and performance bonds)

Insurance loss rate (fiscal year 2022-2023, with over $400,000 in premiums paid)
4.3 percent

Revenue (five-year average)
$29.1 million

Current line of credit
$4 million

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