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Terracotta Tiles and Baguettes

Terracotta Tiles and Baguettes from NOW Specialties

Our carefully curated collection of terracotta tiles and baguettes showcases renowned brands and presents a diverse array of ceramic building components for your projects.

Explore the ceramic building elements in your projects. Each piece is carefully made from different clay mixtures and fired in a kiln for top quality.

Product Description

Discover our terracotta tiles and baguettes at NOW Specialties— high-quality ceramic building components. These elements are crafted from clay mixtures and kiln-fired for exceptional durability and aesthetic enhancement in your architectural projects.

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  • Ceramic Options: Enhance your design possibilities by exploring ceramic options, such as those offered by Porcelanosa, to complement your terracotta selections.

Product Portfolio

Benefits of Terracotta Tiles and Baguettes

  • Eco-Friendly Impact
    Experience minimal ecological impact during manufacturing, use and disposal, making our terracotta tiles and baguettes an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Durability and Thermal Performance
    Enjoy the long-lasting durability of terracotta with no thermal bridging, ensuring structural integrity and energy efficiency in your architectural designs.
  • Nonflammable Properties
    Prioritize safety with nonflammable terracotta components, providing peace of mind for a variety of applications.

Brand Names of Terracotta Tiles and Baguettes

At NOW Specialties, we take pride in our work and that includes collaborating with industry-leading brands to offer you the best Terracotta Tiles and Baguettes.


Discover unmatched quality and timeless elegance with Boston’s terracotta tiles and baguettes, setting the standard for sophisticated architectural solutions.


Elevate your projects with Terreal’s terracotta components, known for  innovation and sustainability in architectural design.


Experience the epitome of versatility and durability with Argeton’s terracotta tiles and baguettes, providing a contemporary edge to your architectural creations.


Shildan’s terracotta solutions redefine aesthetics and functionality, offering a range of architectural components that stand out for their craftsmanship and enduring appeal.

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