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Houston, Texas

Trusted Commercial Wall Systems Company in Houston, Texas

As a leading force in the commercial construction industry, NOW Specialties takes pride in delivering our expertise to Houston, Texas. Specializing in preconstruction, contracts, fabrication and installation, we bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring the quality and integration of our services.

Explore the dynamic world of NOW Specialties, where our architectural visions are transformed into reality in the heart of Houston.

Exceptional Commercial Projects in Texas

Our operational resume is awe-inspiring, with recent or forthcoming projects like Duncan Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

NOW Specialties is known for fabricating various commercial structures—from office skyscrapers and museums to hospitals and parking facilities. Our expertise spans both interior and exterior projects, including rain screens, barriers, trim work, decorative elements, hotels, sports arenas and porte cocheres. With a proven history of success, we showcase unmatched industry expertise in every project we complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The preconstruction phase at NOW Specialties encompasses detailed project planning, budgeting and design coordination. Our team collaborates closely with architects and project stakeholders to define goals, assess feasibility and outline a comprehensive roadmap for upcoming construction projects in Houston. We work with you every step of the way to make sure that your goals are met.

Generally, payments with NOW Specialties are strategically structured in installments based on key project milestones. This includes an initial deposit, progress payments aligned with completed phases and a final payment upon the successful completion of the commercial wall systems project in Houston. For more specific details on the payment of your project, give us a call.

NOW Specialties in Houston upholds rigorous quality control throughout the fabrication process. Our expert fabricators implement stringent measures, conducting thorough inspections, rigorous testing and unwavering adherence to industry standards. This commitment ensures that the fabricated components meet the specified criteria and surpass performance expectations.

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