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Our People

Meet The Team at NOW Specialties

Just who is NOW Specialties, exactly? We’re glad you asked!

At NOW Specialties, we combine decades of industry experience with a collaborative approach to deliver exceptional results for your commercial wall systems project. Our team understands the importance of a strong foundation, literally and figuratively. We leverage our preconstruction expertise for meticulous planning and ensure flawless execution through our operational excellence. This commitment to collaboration and quality ensures you benefit from unmatched expertise and dependable service throughout the project.

Dive into the collaboration of our executive leadership, the detailed planning in our preconstruction services and the strong operational capacity that distinguishes NOW Specialties in delivering unmatched results. Decades of experience and a dependable team aren’t just qualities; they form the bedrock of our success and the promise of outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Plant and Field Capacity at a Glance

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Available space (insured warehouse)
Shop capacity, panels per month
Project management

Executive Leadership

Sherry K. Nolan

President | Chief Executive and Financial Officer

  • 39 years in commercial construction
  • Key interests: Banking and bonding, accounting controls and professional networking

Fred C. Nolan

Executive Vice President | Chief Operations Officer

  • 29 years in commercial construction
  • Key interests: System development, code compliance, quality assurance and branding

Marcos O. Ozuna

Vice President of Operations | Regional Operations Officer—Central Texas

  • 15 years in commercial construction
  • Key interests: Design-assist, research & development, laboratory testing and problem-solving

Brian C. Eck

Regional Operations Officer—South Texas

  • 12 years in commercial construction
  • Key interests: Design-assist, team building and client relations

Brian H. Gutzler

Vice President of Sales and Preconstruction

  • 14 years in commercial construction
  • Key interests: Construction market trends, cladding materials and attachment methods

Michele A. Fiore

Chief Human Resources Officer

  • 6 years in commercial construction
  • Key interests: Employee development, labor law compliance, coaching and strategic planning

Preconstruction Team

Our preconstruction team of six goes far beyond writing proposals and filling out scope checklists. Think of these talented men and women as your design development consultants. Even better: they’re all on the house!

In addition to more customary functions like budgeting, bidding and value engineering, we can provide specification assistance for complex or difficult material requirements, as well as detailing support for tricky building geometries or material integrations. We have experience with design assistance contracts, laboratory test results and code review/code interpretation.

We are proud to say that all preconstruction services are self-performed in-house and always have been.

Operations Team

Operations is where the work begins! This team is truly second to none, from shop drawings and BIM to field measurements and engineering, as well as shop manpower, field manpower and an experienced, meticulous supervisory bullpen of project managers and superintendents. Everyone we’ve just named is a direct, dedicated NOW employee. No third-party services or off-site consultants here!

This team is where tradition, reputation and results combine. With over 150 years of combined experience, we have established ourselves as industry experts, synonymous with reliability and dedicated to getting the job done.

Our operations team plays a pivotal role in the execution of every project; we measure success in the success of our clients. Consisting of veterans, parents and dedicated professionals, our team takes great pride in upholding the highest standard of integrity, accountability and proactive collaboration, to meet the needs of every project and client!

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