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Wood-Look Aluminum Soffits

Wood-Look Aluminum Soffits from NOW Specialties

At NOW Specialties, we prioritize delivering wood-look aluminum soffits that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your projects but also provide practical solutions for longevity and ease of installation.

Featuring esteemed brands like Longboard and Knotwood, our selection offers a range of stock-length extruded interlocking flush panels, powder-coated to emulate the warmth of wood in various types such as ash, walnut, cedar, redwood, oak, fir, bamboo, cherry and more.

Product Description

Wood-look aluminum soffits are stock-length extruded interlocking flush panels, expertly powder-coated to replicate wood textures. Choose from a variety of wood types, each panel engineered with reveals to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction.

Product Portfolio

Benefits of Wood-Look Aluminum Soffits

  • Wood Aesthetics, Zero Maintenance
    Enjoy the timeless beauty of wood without the maintenance hassle and concerns about flame spread.
  • Non-Porous and Efficient
    Our soffits are non-porous, ensuring longevity and efficient performance.
  • Short Lead Times and Warranty
    Benefit from short lead times, an excellent finish warranty and material longevity.
  • Versatile Installation
    Sheets can be shipped back-to-back and straightforward installation instructions minimize discernible finish patterns, creating a random appearance.

Brand Names of Wood-Look Aluminum Soffits

At NOW Specialties, we are committed to excellence through partnerships with industry leaders, guaranteeing the delivery of premium Wood-Look Aluminum Soffits for your architectural needs.


Discover the epitome of wood-look elegance with Longboard, where aluminum soffits combine aesthetic allure with practical durability for your architectural projects.


Elevate your designs with Knotwood’s wood-look aluminum soffits, offering a range of stock-length extruded panels that replicate wood textures, providing versatility and enduring beauty.

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