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Shreveport, Louisiana

Dedicated Commercial Wall Systems Contractors in Shreveport, Louisiana

NOW Specialties is your dedicated partner for commercial wall systems in Shreveport, Louisiana. With a focus on tailored solutions and unwavering dedication, we bring expertise to every project. Explore the possibilities with NOW Specialties as we elevate architectural visions and contribute to the dynamic landscape of Shreveport.

Our Services in Shreveport, Louisiana


NOW Specialties offers specialized preconstruction services, tailored for unique landscapes. Our detailed budgeting and specifications provide a personalized and strategic approach for every project.

Contract Services

Aligned with distinct construction requirements, NOW Specialties’ comprehensive contract services cover submittals, shop drawings, engineering, scheduling and exact field measurements. Our steadfast commitment is to offer solutions integrated with architectural nuances, contributing to the dynamic evolution of skylines.


NOW Specialties takes pride in fabricating top-tier materials, such as high-pressure laminates and aluminum sheets, meticulously enhancing architectural visions. Our fabrication services are finely tuned to contribute to dynamic aesthetics, reflecting our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.


Count on NOW Specialties for flawless installation of various materials, spanning from commercial wall systems to metal composite material (MCM), stainless mesh, terracotta tiles and bespoke projects. Our quality and accuracy ensures that each installation adds finesse, solidifying our position as premier experts in commercial wall systems.


Our Top-Quality Commercial Projects

NOW Specialties proudly showcases a strong track record with recent and upcoming projects like the Arena Tower in Austin ($2 million), Star Phase V in Frisco ($2 million) and Raytheon in McKinney ($1.3 million).

Known for our expertise in various construction projects, we specialize in creating office towers, museums, hospitals and warehouses. Whether it’s interior or exterior work, including rain-screen installations, barrier implementation and trim enhancements, NOW Specialties approaches each project in Shreveport with quality and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At NOW Specialties, we typically carry liability insurance and, at times, may be required to obtain performance bonds. These safeguards protect both our contractors and our clients in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Our NOW Specialties fabricators implement stringent quality control measures, including inspections, testing and adherence to industry standards. This process confirms that the fabricated components meet the specified criteria and performance expectations.

At NOW Specialties, we adhere to strict safety protocols and standards. Our installation teams undergo training and safety measures are implemented to protect both workers and the surrounding environment.

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