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New Parkland Hospital

Project Name: New Parkland Hospital

General Contractor:



HDR, Inc., Corgan Associates

New Parkland Hospital

It was August 20, 2015. Some time before six in the morning, Parkland Memorial accepted its last case.

A two-day transition began, with hospital personnel transferring 600 patients by wheelchair or bed. The destination? A new $1.3 billion facility on Harry Hines, a mere 1,000 feet from the first, but twice the size and far more advanced.

The numbers speak for themselves. It was the largest single-phase public health development in the U.S. Among other funding means, $150 million came from philanthropic sources. Sixty percent of area surgeons will learn here. Last year alone, nine million prescriptions were filled and eleven million pathology procedures were completed. We cannot thank you enough for letting us play a role: HDR, Inc., Corgan Associates and the general contractor, BARA.

We hope you enjoy the video, created by Gino Johnson Productions.

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