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Corgan Case Study

Project Name:

Corgan 40-One

General Contractor:

Holder Construction Company


Corgan Associates

Material Suppliers:

Mitsubishi Chemical America—4mm Alpolic/fr, color: Copper Mica, mounting system: NOW-8000
Morin Corporation—20 gauge F-12-2 profile, color: Grey Mica

Corgan Architectural Expansion Project | Now Specialties - IMG_1659_site

Corgan Architectural Expansion Project | Now Specialties - IMG_1959_site

In September 2016, Dallas-based Corgan announced a capital investment in its West End location. The firm had long outgrown the space—they had been renting offsite suites for two years—and the facility needed renovations. The 2018 project would include an expansion, a new parking garage, room for further growth, and improvements of the existing building.

By the time of our winter 2018 installation, NOW had experienced our own period of growth and improvement.

Between July 2017 and August 2018, we had updated our system specifications and procurement policies. Following those were five laboratory tests on the NOW-8000: tests which Intertek now lists on (spec-direct is a directory of certified tests results, code reviews, factory audit manuals, authorizations to mark, and more). That listing—and Intertek’s approval for NOW to use their mark on our panel labels—were two of the last steps in our pursuit of IBC 1703.5 compliance. 

Corgan Architectural Expansion Project | Now Specialties - IMG_1843_site

The last step was a shop audit, which would confirm our daily fabrication lots meet or exceed those production lots used in our five successful laboratory tests, mentioned above. We received that notification in early September, in time to properly label the Corgan 40-One shipments. We could have not have been prouder that Corgan Associates—with whom we have built airport terminals, hospital buildings and an office tower—would be the first recipients of our fully labeled shipments. 

The result is a beautiful four-story addition above their original three-story facility. The focal points of the office expansion are the huge, matching curtainwall installations at north and south: seven bays wide, three floors high, over six thousand square feet each. The copper-colored Alpolic picture frame is pretty great, too. 

A light gray Morin accent wall partially cuts through the length of the building, and must be seen to be believed. We installed the Alpolic and Morin.

Corgan Architectural Expansion Project | Now Specialties - IMG_1960_site

At the time of this writing, Corgan has been in business an astonishing 83 years. Here’s to the next 83, may they be as remarkable and lucrative as the first! It is a pleasure knowing and collaborating with so many of you. The worlds of architecture and interior design are better for your passion, expertise and hard work!

--John, Sherry, Brad, Dan and Fred
November 2021