Rainscreen Systems

Rainscreen System

The rainscreen method is a two-leaf principle for designing wall assemblies, in which the cladding is separated from the air/thermal barrier by an uninterrupted drainage plane. These rainscreen systems are our highest-engineered and most extensively-tested, with true emphasis on building science and material stewardship. 

Exterior use requires an uninterrupted air barrier, with a perm rating suitable to project geography.

Features and Benefits

Our rainscreens are known for their elegant designs and ease of applications. This category of systems is an excellent choice for the outer leaf of your wall assembly. The cladding deflects a majority of bulk water while protecting the inner leaf from condensation and thermal stress. When matched with properly-integrated UV-stable air barriers, our rainscreens meet even the most challenging designs. Capitalizing on the impressive performance of ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), our material delivers a sleek look that manages heat expansion and contraction. Proven, durable architectural coatings including PVDF and FEVE—as well as natural metals such as anodized aluminum, brushed aluminum, stainless steel and copper—all ensure your cladding will last the life of the building.

Please note that NOW Specialties stores all aluminum composite materials and system components in our bonded warehouse, in the original packaging, until fabrication commences. We field-measure and shop-engineer as required to maintain the design intent and construction schedule. The material does not ship directly from the manufacturer to the job site.

For 4mm Alucobond Plus (3A Composites), Alpolic/fr (Mitsubishi) or Reynobond FR (Arconic, formerly Alcoa).