Barrier Systems

NOW 3100: Barrier Systems & Wall Cladding | NOW Specialties  - barrier-systems-now-3100NOW-3100 Route and Return Dry System

NOW-3100 is our high-performing, route-and-return dry system

Also known as a “gasketed” system, this aluminum composite panel system is tested to the most stringent air, water and structural criteria. It is aesthetically unsurpassed, requires virtually no maintenance, and is suitable for interior and exterior use. Applications for which the design criteria are exceeded require an uninterrupted air barrier, with a perm rating suitable to project geography. (Please note that this system is not suitable for curved applications.)


The NOW-3100 System incorporates a route-and-return fabrication technique with continuous proprietary interlocking extrusions. The material return legs are fully encapsulated within the extrusion for a clean, crisp, open joint. The panel joints do not require field-applied sealants as the weather-proofing is engineered into the joinery via concealed, integral gaskets. As further protection against moisture entrapment, the system is weeped to allow condensation to escape the cavity wall. Integral stiffeners are included on larger modules to strengthen the weld of the panel.

For any curved applications, please contact our headquarters for design assistance.