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Durable Weather-Resistant Barrier Solutions
for Any Construction Project

As a premier MCM metal panel fabricator, NOW Specialties creates ACM panels, MCM panels, and HPL panels for appealing interior and exterior walls. In addition, we execute the fabrication and installation of quality rain screen wall systems.

  • Best in Class in quality assurance
  • NFPA 285 certified
  • LEED certified
  • Cumulative performance bond capacity of $30 million ($15 million for any one contract)
  • Centrally located for shipments anywhere in the continental U.S.

From our headquarters in Carrollton, TX and our central Texas region office in Austin, TX, we work closely with architects and contractors to deliver top-quality custom designs, materials, fabrication, and installation jobs.

If you want your building to be memorable and polished, trust us to bring your ideas to life.

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Headquarters        Central Texas Region

Explore High-Quality ACM Metal Panels, Rainscreen Cladding Systems, & Much More

Stand the test of time with moisture management, pressure equalization, and other benefits of our cost-effective and energy-efficient cladding systems.

As a turn-key subcontractor installing over 700,000 square feet of material per year, NOW Specialties is your expert in interior and exterior cladding systems and materials, including:

  • Fire-rated Aluminum Composite Material Metal Panels (ACM)
  • Metal Composite Material Panels (MCM)
  • High-Pressure Laminate Panels (HPL)
  • Architectural Stainless Mesh
  • Louvers and Sunshades
  • Terracotta Tiles and Baguettes
  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Exterior Ceramic Rainscreen Systems
  • Metal Roll-Formed Panels
  • Column Covers
  • Metal Cornices
  • Shingles

Visit our portfolio page for examples of each wall system in action.

With a strong dedication to energy efficiency and safety, NOW Specialities is certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and the National Fire Protection Association. Since our humble beginnings in 1996, we’ve become a leader in MCM system design and diverse composite panel solutions with limitless design flexibility. With a wide variety of indoor or outdoor applications for new construction, expansion, and renovation projects, our sleek solutions help your building stand up against rainwater, wind pressure, and other elements.

Whether you need a custom architectural column cover to boost the curb appeal of your building's exterior or a high-performance rainscreen cladding system to protect your wall cavity, we’re always happy to collaborate with you. Discuss your next architectural project with us today. To begin, request a bid now!