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Houston, TX

Houston TX MCM Panel Fabrication and
Installation Service Provider

Houston TX MCM Manufacturer & Fabricator | Now Specialties - Metal_Cladding_Manufacturer_in_El_Paso

We want to be your number one resource for the fabrication and installation of metal composite material (MCM), high-pressure laminates (HPL), and solid aluminum sheets.

When your next architectural design needs to make an impression, redefine a skyline, or be the focal point of a metropolitan makeover, partner with NOW Specialties to design, fabricate, and install the cladding options that will give your building the structure, protection, and originality you’re looking for.


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Quality and Safety You Can Rely On

We are regional leaders in the design or installation of natural metals, sunshades, louvers, and column covers. Does your project require roll-formed corrugated siding or insulated steel panels too? We are happy to bid turnkey or installation only, for whatever you need.

NOW Specialties is currently Best in Class in quality assurance, with three third-party listings and a portfolio of successful certified tests, including NFPA 285. We have a cumulative performance bond capacity of $30 million and a capacity of $15 million for any one contract. We are centrally located for shipments anywhere in the continental U.S. and are an authorized fabricator of a variety of products.

Manufacturer of High-Quality ACM, HPL, and MCA Metal Composite Systems for Architectural Facades in Houston TX

NOW Specialties designs, engineers, tests, manufactures, and installs end-use mounting systems for a wide range of architectural cladding products in and around the greater Houston area.

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Custom Architectural Composite Panel Systems in Houston

How do you choose the best fabricator to bring your vision to life? Simple. Choose the fabricator whose mounting systems are guaranteed to provide design flexibility, aesthetic appeal, and longevity no matter how complex. With NOW Specialties, we don’t manufacture for mass production. Our design and installation experts work with you, offering the best products and solutions to meet your design and environmental needs.

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Houston TX MCM Manufacturer & Fabricator | Now Specialties - Custom_Architectural_Composite_Panel_Systems_in_El_Paso

Houston's Metal Cladding Manufacturer

As the premier fabricator of custom exterior panel systems in the country, NOW Specialties designs, engineers, tests, manufactures, and installs end-use mounting systems for a wide range of architectural cladding products including but not limited to rain screen panels, metal clad panels, commercial wall systems, column covers, metal canopies, custom horizontal sunshades, curved fascias, decorative louvers, metal cornices, formed aluminum sheets, barrier systems, and more.

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Common Questions About Metal Composite Panel Manufacturing in Texas

Where is the best place to buy metal composite systems in Texas?
As a builder or architect, you only want the best metal composite systems at the best price. NOW Specialties is the leading design, fabrication, and installation company for custom MCM, ACM, HPL, and exotic wall panel systems. We ship our systems all across Texas, including Austin, Dallas, and El Paso. When you’re ready to buy an architectural metal composite system for your project, make sure you indicate NOW Specialties as the basis of your design. Contact NOW Specialties
Can you recommend an installer for the metal composite panels you manufacture?
NOW Specialties not only provides expertise in the design and fabrication of MCM, ACM, and HPL wall panel systems and architectural facades, but we also install. We install our systems all across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and more! Our experienced engineers will ensure no matter how complex your design, no matter how extreme your weather conditions are, we will match you with the perfect product, finishes, and installation team to ensure it’s built to spec and the structure and beauty of your design lasts for decades. Request a Bid Now
What are the most commonly used materials in wall cladding?

The most common materials used in wall cladding are ACM, HPL, and Zinc. Each has its own unique strengths as an architectural material that should be considered before choosing one for your next project. Some of the highlights include as follows:

ACM: Limitless custom design, excellent manufacturing tolerance combined with redesign potential, crisp, one-piece corners, color durability, excellent module flexibility, lightweight, never rusts, blisters, or bubbles.

HPL: Highly weather resistant, large panel sizes (up to 7’ widths), mold-resistant, excellent airflow, UV resistant, increases energy efficiency, lasts for decades, impact, scratch, and graffiti resistant, unique colors, and textures

Zinc: Look of natural metal without wild swings in appearance, textural appeal, very low life-cycle costs, 90-100% recyclable, less “embodied energy” than steel or aluminum, self-healing, with a naturally developing patina.

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Our Expertise Is Not Just Limited To Metal Composite Material.

Think of us for your next high-pressure laminate, terracotta, architectural stainless mesh, ceramic, sunshade, or column cover project. Other specialties include louvers, exterior roll-formed panels, and insulated metal panels. We will bid turnkey or fabrication-only.

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