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Copper Panels

Copper Panels: The Choice for a Visually Stunning Build


Wall cladding is the first layer of architectural expression, and copper panels are the perfect material to bring your vision to life. As man’s first metal, copper has been used for centuries to create structures that are not just durable, but highly visible and visually stunning.

NOW Specialties will work with you to give your commercial build a warm and inviting glow that is sure to inspire awe and leave a long lasting impression.

Interior showing end-use mounting systems for architectural cladding.

The Unique Properties of Copper Panels

When it comes to fabrication materials, copper has very few rivals as its unique set of properties make it an exceptional choice for cladding commercial builds. Characterized by its high purity, copper sheet metal contains over 99% copper, with only minimal impurities like oxygen, lead, or silver. This ensures a warm, inviting glow over time, as well as resilience against corrosion, guaranteeing the life and longevity of your architectural vision.

One of copper’s standout qualities is its ductility, making it highly formable and easy to manipulate into various shapes, sizes, and designs. This malleability sets copper apart from less pliable materials, especially in the formation of cladding materials. Copper’s thermal and electrical conductivity properties also add to its appeal. These properties enable efficient heat and cooling transfer, making copper panels ideal for commercial builds where thermal regulation and electrical connectivity are critical and sustainability and energy efficiency are top of mind.

Why Choose Copper Panel Fabrication?

Copper panel fabrication is a cost-effective and sustainable way for anyone looking to create a stunningly beautiful commercial build that’s made to last. Some of the key benefits of opting for copper paneling include:

  • Durability: copper panels will stand the test of time as this material is naturally resistant to mold, fire, and corrosion.
  • Aesthetics: For dramatic, eye-catching aesthetics that gleam and shimmer in the sun, no other cladding material compares.
  • Versatility: From cladding to roofing, copper panels can be used to create all kinds of custom-made architectural elements.

Copper Panel Fabricators That Inspire Awe

For almost 30 years, NOW Specialties has been a leader in MCM systems servicing commercial builders throughout the South Central US. We handle all aspects of fabrication and wall assembly, working closely with contractors and architects to deliver custom designs that inspire awe for years to come. To learn more about our copper panel fabrication services in South Central US, call us today at (972) 416-8618 or request a bid below.

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Our Expertise Is Not Just Limited To Metal Composite Material.

NOW Specialties LLC handles all aspects of fabrication and wall assembly. From our headquarters in Carrollton, TX and our central Texas region office in Austin, TX, we work closely with architects and contractors to deliver top-quality custom designs, materials, fabrication, and installation jobs. We bring decades of hands-on expertise to new construction, expansion, and renovation projects in the areas we serve throughout the great state of Texas.

Think of us for your next high-pressure laminate, terracotta, architectural stainless mesh, ceramic, sunshade, or column cover project. Other specialties include louvers, exterior roll-formed panels, and energy-efficient insulated metal panels. We will bid turnkey or fabrication-only.

Why choose NOW Specialties?

  • Best in Class in quality assurance
  • NFPA 285 certified
  • LEED certified
  • Premium MCM Certification from the Metal Construction Association (MCA)
  • Cumulative performance bond capacity of $30 million ($15 million for any one contract)
  • Centrally located for shipments anywhere in the continental U.S.

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