Methodist Richardson
Medical Center

NOW Specialties presents Methodist Richardson, built in 2014. The new Methodist facility offers, among many other features, a comprehensive women’s imaging center, private labor and delivery suites, a Level III neonatal intensive care unit and robotic gynecological surgery. The Richardson campus offers 209 beds and all private rooms, more than 400 physicians in thirty-five specialties, as well as ground-level outpatient, imaging and surgical services. We believe Perkins and Will’s modern design and bold material distinctions complete this state-of-the-art health care center. We were very proud to work for Rogers O’Brien on this beautiful building.

"In my work experience with NOW Specialties at the Methodist Richardson Hospital project in Richardson Texas; NOW Specialties has shown the expertise and team-centered approach to help this project team to a successful completion. They worked tirelessly with a safety first attitude all the while providing cooperation & support to the team, knowledge of their materials and a first-rate understanding of their systems. We could not have finished this project on time and maintained a high client satisfaction without their involvement in this project".

-Rogers-O'Brien Construction, February 2016, regarding Methodist Richardson Medical Center

Name of Project:

Methodist Richardson Medical Center

General Contractor:

Rogers O’Brien


Perkins & Will