Rainscreen Systems

NOW 4200: Metal Composite Material Wall Panel Systems | NOW Specialties  - rainscreen-bell-helicopterNOW-4200

NOW-4200 is a joint-spline, route-and-return variation of the rainscreen principle.

This aluminum composite panel system allows for improved ventilation and moisture control. The joint spline freely allows for accent colors and joint width flexibility. NOW-4200 is suitable for interior and exterior use. Exterior use requires an uninterrupted air barrier, with a perm rating suitable to project geography.


NOW-4200 is a route and return system that features proprietary, interlocking extrusions at pre-determined locations (integral stiffeners strengthen the field of the panel). The material return legs are fully exposed for a clean, open joint. Because the weatherproofing is a component of the inner barrier, panel joints do not require field- applied sealants. A continuous joint spline conceals the inner leaf in most applications.

The NOW-4200 is not currently in stock.  Last updated: 3/24/20
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