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NOW 7100: Metal Composite Material Wall Panel Systems | NOW Specialties  - hpl-systems-7200NOW-7100

An open-joint, exposed fastener rainscreen system for use with high-pressure laminates.

NOW-7100 allows for maximum ventilation and moisture control, superior flatness and better panel modules. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. Exterior use requires an uninterrupted air barrier, with a perm rating suitable to project geography.


The NOW-7100 system is an exposed-fastener, drained/back- ventilated rainscreen wall system featuring high-pressure laminate cladding (also known as phenolic resin material). Normal sheet thickness is 8mm, although 10mm and 13mm are available. A continuous horizontal track spans between extruded structural clips as required – the HPL attaches directly to the exterior side of the track. The inner leaf of the system is exposed through open panel reveals, which are normally 3/8-inch wide. The NOW-7100 requires a properly-integrated, UV-stable air barrier suitable to the project location, and is engineered for heights of 35 feet or less. Vented closures at system top and bottom keep unwanted pests out of the wall cavity, while the HPL’s impermeable finish is easy to maintain and disinfect. Cavity depth is typically 1 5/8-inch.

For any curved applications, please contact our headquarters for technical assistance.