HPL Systems

High Pressure Laminate Systems

High-pressure laminate ("HPL”) offers color consistency, finish durability, superior flatness and better panel modules.

These systems are suitable for interior and exterior use. Exterior use requires an uninterrupted air barrier, with a perm rating suitable to project geography.  All HPL installation requires rainscreen ventilation.

Features and Benefits

The cladding’s large production sizes and high material density lend HPL a flat, modern, monolithic appearance. Granular finishes provide a metallic, even anodized look. Wood patterns, natural designs and creative digital graphics add visual impact.

Open joints create sharp, shadow-line effects. The rainscreen principle helps to control exterior loads, water intrusion, condensation and thermal stress. Installation is relatively easy, and large panel sizes help reduce installation costs. Application flexibility, combined with HPL’s extensive color and textures, complete nearly any aesthetic design.

Color variances between different production runs are greatly reduced compared to those of similar steel or aluminum installations. Color fade is virtually non-existent, even after years of use. Please note that HPL expands and contracts hygroscopically, not thermally. 


With rainscreen installations, there are no sealants or interior gaskets to fail, and therefore no costly repairs or unsightly stains. Condensation and vapor within the wall assembly is virtually eliminated. HPL offers improved material durability and an impressive array of end-uses, from science labs and classrooms to office furniture, retail casework and commercial interiors.

Please note that NOW Specialties stores all high-pressure laminates and system components in our bonded warehouse, in the original packaging, until fabrication commences. We field-measure and shop-engineer our interior and exterior HPL panels as required to maintain the design intent and construction schedule. The material does not ship directly from the manufacturer to the job site.

For 8mm, 10mm or 13mm Trespa, Prodema or Fundermax.