Column Cover Systems

Column Cover Systems

Our proprietary line of column covers falls under the NOW-2500 designation.

These metal composite panel systems feature attractive curved or four-sided columns, reveals, variable finish options—including natural metal—and four different attachment methods. These are suitable for interior and exterior use.

The NOW-2500 series offers varying system depths and three joint configurations: wet sealed, hairline or dry joint. Project designers might also consider recessed reveals at top or bottom. All columns are field-measured prior to fabrication, which prevents any unsightly, last minute field modifications.

With a standard minimum radius of 8", lengths up to 20'-0", an entire palette of colors at your disposal—as well as the option for natural metals MCM—the design possibilities have no end.

Features and Benefits

Column covers are a popular choice for any building, inside and out. The round or rectangular cladding protects load-bearing members, which exude no curb appeal of their own. When fabricated out of aluminum composite material (ACM), column covers are an affordable solution. It is easy to curve, yet the material’s natural rigidity virtually eliminates oil-canning. The coil-coated PVDF or FEVE finish is guaranteed against chalk and fade for 20, even 30 years.

Please note that NOW Specialties stores all aluminum composite materials and system components in our bonded Texas warehouse, in the original packaging, until fabrication commences. We field-measure and shop-engineer as required to maintain the design intent and construction schedule. The material does not ship directly from the manufacturer to the job site. NOW curves the aluminum composite sheets locally and to your custom design, then installs with one of our proprietary, interlocking attachment systems.

For 4mm Alucobond Plus (3A Composites), Alpolic/fr (Mitsubishi) or Reynobond FR (Arconic, formerly Alcoa).