Barrier Systems

NOW 1100: Barrier Systems & Metal Cladding | NOW Specialties  - barrier-systems-now-1100NOW-1100 Route and Return Wet System

NOW-1100 is our variation of the route-and-return wet system principle.

This aluminum composite panel system is one of our most affordable, design-flexible, and easily installed systems. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. Applications for which the design criteria are exceeded require an uninterrupted air barrier, with a perm rating suitable to project geography.


The NOW-1100 System incorporates a route-and-return fabrication technique with interlocking aluminum extrusions, which are continuous throughout the perimeter of each panel. These extrusions allow the panel to expand and contract through thermal cycles without deformation of the material. Integral stiffeners are included on larger modules to strengthen the field of the panel. The horizontal and vertical joints are sealed with an open-cell backer rod and a properly-installed silicone sealant joint

For any curved applications, please contact our headquarters for design assistance.