Employee Spotlight

Alexis Figueroa
Alexis Figueroa

Alexis Figueroa is part of our close-knit CAD team. Originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico; he worked as a Civil Engineer for a couple years before he moved to Texas with his wife, Thays. That was nearly 4 years ago and within a month of arriving state-side, joined our team!

He first learned AutoCAD at a Vocational High School, then got his Civil Engineering degree at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

When he's not at work, he enjoys playing guitar and basketball, and watching wrestling.

Brian Eck
Brian Eck

Eight years ago, Brian Eck joined our team in Houston (where he calls home) as our Project Manager. Before finding us he had worked for a competitor for three years learning everything about MCM fabrication and installing, from estimating to actually installing panels in the field.

What he enjoys the most about his job? Being able to be proud of of the final product that we provide--making a building stand out.

He also enjoys playing golf, wood working, and home remodeling.

Jamie has been his wife for nearly 9 years, and their three dogs Bo, J.D. and Dixie make up their family.

Carlos Joya
Carlos Joya

Two years ago, Carlos Joya joined our fancy CAD department tasked with creating shop drawings.

Originally from El Salvador, he studied Architecture at El Salvador University, graduating in 2001. He worked as a field superintendent for commercial building construction for several years before moving to the US a few years ago. Before joining us, he worked as a designer drawing ornamental metal architectural fixtures.

When he's not applying his drafting skills here at the office, he enjoys time with his family, walking, working out and watching soccer matches.

He and his wife Ana of 16 years, have three children: Karla,13; Roberto, 10; and Carlos who just turned 2.

Christian Eusebio
Christian Eusebio

Christian Eusebio joined our Project Manager team back in January 2018. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he calls Trujillo Alto home.

While there he earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and worked as a field engineer building houses and commercial structures.

Now that he's here, he says, "I like the interaction with clients, letting them know that we are available to solve their concerns and help their projects look impeccable and impressive. I appreciate the opportunity that NOW has given me--challenging me, while their treatment has been excellent. The friendships I've formed here with colleagues is always good."

Which we're glad to hear. After all, his wife, Maribel Ortiz (of 28 years) works here too as a CAD drafter--so he's already got that friendship nailed down! (We think).

Baseball is his favorite past time; and hanging out with his family of three kids (when they're around). His oldest Christopher, 27, is studying medicine in Puerto Rico. His Princess Ashley, 24, has a BS in political science, and Bryan, 19, has a full baseball scholarship at Pensacola State Business College!

Unfortunately, they had to leave their one pet, a mini schnauzer, in Puerto Rico with Christopher.

Dennis and Sue Harrelson
Dennis and Sue

Dennis and Sue Harrelson are another married couple that work together here at NOW Specialties. They've been together for 38 years!

Dennis was born at an Army Base in Huntsville, Alabama but spent most of his childhood in Wichita Falls, Texas. Sue, was born and raised in the Cotton Capital of the Panhandle of Texas: Memphis.

Way back in 2005, Dennis joined us and is now our Senior Estimator. He studied Architecture at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas before working as a drafter. He then became an estimator for the glazing industry for a couple decades before finding us.

Sue worked in the Mortgage/Title/Real Estate industry in the 80s, and more recently as dispatcher for a trucking company hauling cotton bales. She joined our team earlier this year as our Bid Coordinator.

Sue loves the integrity of NOW Specialties, and Dennis enjoys the family owned concept of NOW and the people he works with.

Re-purposing furniture, home decor, writing and time with family is what Sue looks forward to on her time off. Dennis loves fishing, and riding his bicycle which he's had to retire from after shattering his scapula and 5 ribs. He's picked up playing guitar as a somewhat safer activity.

Their son Jerod, 35, lives in Austin and daughter Casey, 33, lives in Fort Worth. They have two rescue cats, Sawyer and Heidi who keep them company now that they're "empty-nesters".

Emnet Sibhat
Emnet Sibhat

Emnet Sibhat is originally from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, and lived there till February of last year, when she moved here to the DFW area.

She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from Dire Dawa University, and for the last few years worked as an architect, an assistant lecturer at university, a tester and assembler. After leaving Ethiopia, she worked as a Design Assistant for a landscape company, and now has found us last September and joined our team!

What she enjoys the most about her job here? "...there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals, which creates a family environment where everyone is there for each other and cares about their professional growth."

(She is part of the Cool CAD Class here--so there's that).

Her passion is photography, and she enjoys walks with her husband Paulos Geresu (of 11 years) and hanging out with her family and caring for her baby girl, Christian.

Greg Bohlmann
Greg Bohlmann

Greg Bohlmann joined our Estimator team over two yeas ago. Irving, Texas is where he hangs his hat and calls home.

He got started in the Construction Industry by working as a Civil Engineering Assistant for the Oklahoma Air National Guard followed by an undergraduate degree in Construction Management from Oklahoma State University.

Through out his career he's worn many different hats. For example, while managing the construction of a bridge in Conroe he found himself welding, designing the concrete form-work, and working double duty as a field engineer and concrete quality control tech. Before starting this project he only knew how to perform one of the above listed tasks--we'll let you guess which one.

Having coworkers from different walks of life is part of what he enjoys about working here; plus he enjoys hatching up new spreadsheets now and then.

Spending time with his wife of 15 years, and their daughter comes first. However, he's also been known to crank up his guitar amp to "11", and rattle the rafters of his home for fun. His daughter has invented some board games that they enjoy playing with friends as well.

Hector Guerrero
Hector Guerrero

Hector Guerrero is one of our field Superintendents, who's been with us for 13 years!

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, he attended University Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and got his first job there working on the assembly line for International (a Truck/Tractor manufacturer) for two years; followed by three years working as a foreman at a sheet-metal company here in Dallas.

He and his wife, Xochitl Saavedra, have two daughters: Melanie 14 and Layla 9, who he enjoys taking to the park, movies and enjoys hosting weekly fajita parties for friends and relatives.

His favorite part of his current job is sketching building layouts (taking field dimensions) that are then given to the Project Engineers who use his dimensions for creating accurately sized fab tickets and programming for the CNC routers.

Jairo Medina
Jairo Medina

We welcomed Jairo Medina to our Project Manager Team last October. Originally he's from a couple hours away in Gustine, Texas.

Texas State Technical College in Waco, awarded him an associates in Building Construction Science and Technology, and before joining us he worked as a Steel Fabricator and Mix Specialist at a fiberglass plant.

What he appreciates about working here? "I really enjoy that whenever I don’t understand something, someone is always there to lend a helping hand."

For fun, Jairo enjoys playing tennis, going to the gym, and taking his golden retriever, Milo, to the park.

Jason Upchurch
Jason Upchurch

Originally from Houston, our Senior Project Manager Jason Upchurch, joined our team in February 2015.

Previously he had served in the U.S. Army for 5.5 years with the Supply Chain, as a PLL Clerk and Armorer. He then spent 8 years as an Inventory Analyst for a major jewelry corporation to help control profit and loss. The next six years found him working as Project Manager, managing laboratory build-outs, ATM Network configurations and equipment installations.

During his time in the Army he completed the U.S. Army Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC). He also got his AA focus on Business from Tarrant County College followed by a BS in Operations Management from the University of Phoenix.

What he appreciates about working here at NOW, is how his schedule varies--allowing one to work in and out of the office on any particular day; and that the owners give him freedom to perform his job as long as he keeps the company's best interest in mind.

On his days off, he loves working on cars with his father-in-law, participating in car shows, and socializing at local car clubs.

Sports is also big with him. He plays Ice Hockey in Farmer's Branch and enjoys watching the University of Texas Longhorns, Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys and Premiere League Manchester City.

Steam on PC and Xbox One is where he enjoys NHL, (more hockey) FIFA, and the Call of Duty franchise.

Hosting annual parties for his hockey team, playing Bocce Ball in his backyard court and cooking out is something he also looks forward to.

Travelling is also in his blood after his tours with the Army in Saudi Arabia, Germany and Spain. His latest trip was to the Virgin Islands and hopes to one day visit Tulum, Mexico and England.

He enjoys time with his family (including an old Army buddy of his who's become family), and his wife Brenda of nearly 12 years, and 18 year old daughter, Chloe, who is currently a freshman at the University of S. Carolina.

Their pets include Bella Nova (a Pug), Chomper and Turbo (Red Ear Slider Turtles).

Jose Garza

Jose Garza was born in Monterrey, Mexico and moved to Houston, Texas when he was 8, where he spent the rest of his childhood.

For 20 years he worked in the telecom industry before his first foray in construction as an estimator for drywall sub-contractors for over 8 years.

He joined our estimating team 5 years ago: "I enjoy the challenge of each estimate that I work on--every project is different. What I appreciate the most are the people I work with!"

The poster in the background hints of his love of music. Watching sports and movies are also a favorite pastime.

He lives at home with his wife of 16 years, Stephanie, his three kids: Rose, Chris and Tori... and cocker spaniel, Nina.

Juan Valero
Juan Valero

Juan Valero became one of our Project Engineers over a year and a half ago.

Originally from all the way in Barquisimeto, Venezuela; he attended Universidad Yacambu, and since moving here has started taking online classes with UTH Florida towards completing his degree in Business Administration. He's also received certificates for completing English as a Second Language, Graphic Design and Video Production!

His better-half, (of two years) Marianny Rodriguez, works next to him as a Project Engineer as well!

Fun times for him include playing soccer, video games and travelling.

Lydia Anderton
Lydia Anderton

Lydia Anderton came to us last October as our HR coordinator, after having lived in about 10 different cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Missouri! She calls Chattanooga, TN home since she met her hubby (of 25 years) Todd there, lived there the longest time, attended Tennessee Temple college, and her parents currently live there. (yes, "there" is my [the anonymous author of this post] favorite word).

For the previous 10 years leading up to finding us, she worked as a signing agent and notary.

"The people are all absolutely amazing [here at NOW Specialties]. I couldn't ask for a more friendly, giving, helpful bunch of great people to work with and for. They took me in and made me feel like part of their family". {She wrote this before her coworkers voted her Employee of the Month: April; so the feeling seems mutual}.

Watching movies on Tuesday nights with friends and doing yoga is how she unwinds. She also enjoys playing "Words-with-Friends", taking walks and hanging out on her back porch with her hubby... and... she enjoys watching him and friends do improv at the Dallas Comedy House!

Her 19 year old son is transferring to UNT in the fall as a Junior, majoring in computer science--paying his way delivering for Pizza Hut. The other member of her family is their rescued schnauzer mix, Gretel.

Marc Ozuna

Our Austin Office Operational Manager, Marc Ozuna, cut his teeth working summers (2006-2010) in the engineering department here in Carrollton (the DFW area) while attending Texas State University.

Born in Dallas and raised in The Colony, Marc studied engineering but ended up getting his Bachelors in Business and Operations Management at TSU. Currently he's working on his PMP certification.

After being with us full-time since 2010 he reflects, "I appreciate working with NOW due to the family company culture. What I enjoy the most is the fast paced environment, and how every day brings new challenges to overcome. I love the fact that what NOW builds will be around for generations to come, and most likely long after I am gone."

When he's not facing new challenges at work, he makes his own: getting his brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He enjoys being outdoors in general, traveling, frisbee with his 7 year old chocolate lab, Nala; and time with friends and family.

Marianny Rodriguez
Marianny Rodriguez

Originally from Guanare, Portuguesa State in Venezuela, our Project Engineer Marianny Rodriguez (tasked with creating fab tickets and programming the CNC table routers) joined us a year ago.

"I'm grateful for my supportive coworkers and for the opportunity to work for a company I can be proud of".

Marianny also enjoys working out, going out to dinner and catching up with her friends and family back in Venezuela.

Michele Stang
Michele Stang

Originally from upstate New York, Michele Stang rode into town and created our first ever Human Resources Department in October of 2017--as HR Director!

After 23 years at Enterprise Rent-A-Car (where she worked her way up through Assistant Branch, Branch, Regional Trainer, then HR Manager [since 2000]); she became HR Director at Rent-A-Center for a short time, before we welcomed her to our team.

Michele had earned her PHR and SPHR in Human Resources from HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) after getting her degree in Secondary Education.

"I am in HR because I love working with people... I enjoy working with the owners as a strategic partner and with all of our amazing employees in the offices and in the field. We have a lot of hard-working, dedicated and caring people working for NOW. I loved being able to create my own department and set guidelines for creating a positive, fun and harassment free environment".

When she's not at work, she enjoys hot air ballooning, traveling to New York and any beach, working out, reading, and is a big fan of the Buffalo Bills and Sabres!

Her summer plans include (but not limited to) getting MARRIED to her High School sweetheart who she re-connected with at their 30th High School reunion three years ago.

Currently, her family consists of 17 year old Julia, 15 year old Nicholas and their tea cup Yorkie, Thor.

Nic Mower
Nic Mower

Nic Mower is currently majoring in Electrical Engineering. Originally from Corinth, Texas he worked as a Project Manager for a residential construction company before finding us--switching gears to commercial construction, as he became one of our Project Managers two years ago.

He appreciates the satisfaction of a job well done, and seeing the results of our work in various cities he visits.

Nic also enjoys time at the lake with his new wife, Emily of 2.5 years, shooting his shotgun at the range, and just hanging out with family in general, which includes their dog, Daisy Mae.

Rebecca Palmer
Rebecca Palmer

Rebecca Palmer is one of our hard working accountants who often spends long hours making sure everyone gets paid on time.

Texas has been her home now for 14 years, but she grew up in 17 different locations in her first 17 years of life! She's been to pretty much ever state in the country, other than Hawaii and the New England states.

JCPenney's finance department was where she worked for nearly 12 years before joining us in June of 2017. During that time she also got her B.S. in Business (with a heavy concentration in Accounting) from the University of Phoenix in 2013.

Working with numbers has been a passion of hers for years, but for her it's not just accounting here at NOW she enjoys--she appreciates the feeling of family: "They celebrate your ups and help you through your downs".

When she's not working long hours processing numbers, she enjoys reading fantasy fiction, crochet, counted cross-stitch, and playing computer games with the family. Though her happiest moments are when everyone puts their cell phones away and just enjoys each other's company.

Family consists of her husband, Adam, of nearly 16 years; and her four kids Kristofer (25), Mikayla (23) [married to Martin], Nathan (22) [married to Lexie] (who also gave Rebecca her grandson Michael [6 months ago]), and then her youngest is Liberty--soon to be 14.

Unfortunately due to Liberty's allergies they don't own any pets but enjoy helping out regularly at the Richland Animal Shelter and Helping Paws of North Texas.

Fun Facts about Rebecca:
1) Her father taught her and six siblings the alphabet BACKWARDS as small children;
2) She placed 5th, singing in the first statewide Solo Competition in Idaho during her freshman year of High School!


Originally from Durango, Mexico; Ricardo "Ricky" Solorzano studied Construction Technology at North Lake College, and began working for a drywall / framing company right after he graduated in 2005.

Twelve years ago he joined our team as an installer, and was promoted to foreman, then Field Superintendent for five years, and now is one of our Project Managers!

"I definitely appreciate that NOW has given me the opportunity to pursue my career, with room to continue growing and learning. I also enjoy training and motivating others into pushing themselves and moving up the ladder as well!"

When he's not at work, he stays busy fixing things that his two labs have torn up, and picking up after them.


Originally born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Rudy started his own candy factory and clothing store while still in High School! He and his wife, Rebecca (of 30 years), moved to Fort Worth where he worked as a brick layer for several months before signing up with NOW Specialties, nearly 24 years ago! He has been one of our Field Superintendents now for almost as long.

Rudy says he enjoys learning the variety of different panel systems we constantly improve upon—that the process never gets too routine and monotonous.

Rebecca and Rudy have two children: Jizzela, 28, who’s graduating next year with a Teacher’s Education degree for special needs kids; Hamlet, 25, who also works here at NOW Specialties as Quality Control; and 1 year old grandson, Liam, who Rudy says has changed his life. They’ve also welcomed a black Labrador, Toby, to their family.

When he’s not earning his paycheck, Rudy enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family.

We appreciate Rudy for being such a helpful part of our family for so very long!


Born and raised in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, Santos "Beto" Zuniga began working at the age of 6, bagging groceries for customers at a supermarket in order to help support his family, while also attending school full time. He took on other jobs through-out his childhood, including washing cars and helping his dad with his residential construction business.

While attending High School, he took three years of Technical Drawing classes, which he's put to great use with our team.

After High School, he worked as a welder for an American company, "Trinity Industries", welding on a freight train car assembly line. He rapidly improved his welding skills from Level 1 to Level 11 (of 12) in the two years he worked there.

While on vacation visiting family in the DFW area here in Texas, in 2002, Beto's brother told him he had a friend who was looking to hire--so that's when Beto joined NOW's family, working on construction sites as a helper. Before completing his first year, Beto was doing layout--taking field dimensions and sketching out drawings of actual field conditions. Although, on paper he's now a Field Superintendent, he continues to do layout primarily, as that's what he finds the most fulfilling. He also enjoys being able to teach others the finer points of taking accurate measurements, and communicate them clearly on paper. Beto also appreciates the support he gets from ownership and coworkers. "When you like your job, everything goes well."

He enjoys time with his wife Isela (of 13 years), his three daughters ages 3 thru 11, and their shih tzu; while either camping out or just hanging out on their patio. He also finds himself doing a lot of renovations at home in his free time.

Veronica Valderrama

Over 10 years ago, Veronica Valderrama joined us as a drafter for the CAD team and is now one of our Estimators!

Originally born in Jalisco, Mexico, she moved to California when she was 9 and then here to Texas at 16.

She earned her Associates in Computer Drafting at ITT Technical Institute, and her Bachelors in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of North Texas.

Before finding us, she had worked as an Engineered Wood Specialists for Snavely Forest Products and then spent 8 years as a drafter for a residential engineering firm.

Veronica says one of the things she's appreciates about working here, are the opportunities to grow within the company.

She also appreciates hanging out with her hubby, Danny; her 3 year old daughter Zoe; bulldog, Romeo and Shih Tzu, Prince.