Employees of the Month!

January 2019: Santos "Beto" Zuniga

Employee of the Month - NOW Specialties - BetoCongratulation to Santos "Beto" Zuniga for being NOW Specialties' FIRST employee of the month!

Here is what your coworkers are saying about you Santos:

“Ever since I first worked in the PE department 12 years ago, it was always a pleasure to get field dimensions from Beto as they were detailed, sketched neatly and clearly, and usually so accurate that re-making a panel due to measurement error was rarely (if ever) an issue…”

“Beto maintains a level of calm level-headed professionalism even when overwhelmed with the number of projects and deadlines set….”

“Dedicated, unwavering work ethic…”

“Santos consistently goes above and beyond to ensure work gets done, even on weekends, so that projects stay on deadline….”

“Patient, professional, a mentor and a leader…”

Thank you Santos for your hard work and dedication to NOW Specialties in your more than 12 years with the company! You are a huge asset to our team and a valued member of the NOW Family.

We appreciate you!